Friday, November 2, 2012

Bookshelf template: Personal book list management on Google Apps Spreadsheet

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A friend of me wrote on SNS that she bought a desktop app managing personal book list. As I saw it then thought that ‘Oh I need this one too’ and was considering to buy one in a minute. But, well, I decided to implement it on my own. Features are simple. Input ISBN, book title, or author’s name, and then just run the script. So that the script will find information of the books from Google Books API, and paste them on a sheet. If you need additional fields, just add them as well as need.

How to use: input a part of book information like this and run the script (click 'Get book information from Google Books API' menu), the sheet will be filled out with information of the books.

I was just trying to enhance my Google Apps Script skill, but if you need this, use freely : )

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